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    Governance and public policies:
    My research line in governance and public policies studies the crucial bottlenecks of Brazilian public administration. There are many important problems that are different from the traditionally reputed managerial problems. Therefore, they cannot be solved by purely managerial solutions. This is the case of fragmentation and coordination problems.

    Research on center of government:
    Ipea is carry on a research with the objective of analyzing experiences of centers of government in recent Brazilian presidencies. It aims to propose recommendations for improving presidential organization and the linking of the political and the administrative fields in government, which are critical issues.

    OECD’s agenda on public governance and the role of the Courts of Accounts:
    TCU (the Brazilian Federal Court of Accounts) is increasingly focused on governance, and with an approach strongly inspired by the OECD’s recommendations on this subject. This approach to the problem brings many advances to public administration, but it seems to be not guided by a clear and adequate of the political and institutional challenges of public governance. My interest is to understand the implications of the expansive role of the Courts of Accounts and other control mechanisms over public administration, and also the importance of the OECD agenda of public governance in other countries.